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A well put together Math resource for the individual and group sessions. The summaries and the examples creates the cornerstone for understanding each topic.

Johan Malan

Great Product!!! Would definitely recommend this Study Guide to all Gr 11 & 12 Students! Thanks you Katie, your service is the best!!!!

Cindy Lezar

I am a Math Tutor and purchase these books for my kids to use. We call it our Math Bibles. I have never come across any book that explains and gives examples of every math example that can be asked in an exam. You will not go wrong in purchasing this book.

Angie Du Toit

My son use this magnificent books since Gr 10 in school. It helped him tremendously in his exams. He cannot talk enough of how easy it is to use and to understand the examples in these books. My son is in Sand du Plessis High School in Bloemfontein.Thanks so much Katie for this wonderful book!!!!

Suezette Basson

Amazing service. Books are of an excellent quality and the learners love them!

Cheryl Taylor

This math guide has helped my Daughter in Grade 11 substantially. I have purchased the grade 12 book too. Thank you for a great product!

Lee Grobler

Best MATHS guidance books I have found to date – so easily explained, so colourful and just perfect….

Tracey Gerber