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What you see is what you get

What you see is what you get

It’s 2019, guys! We’ve turned the corner and hit a new year!   Of course, there are two main ways of looking at any new year. You could either feel: Here we go again. The same stupid thing all over again. or: Whoop-whoop! It’s a brand new year, filled with new...
What if Maths just isn’t your thing?

What if Maths just isn’t your thing?

What if Maths just isn’t your thing? What if you can’t help but mumble “ugh” whenever anyone mentions Maths? We all do things that aren’t our “thing” for all sorts of reasons – I suppose that’s just life. Let me tell you something: Even though people will see me...

Making your study time enjoyable

I have been a fan of Mathematics since forever. It must have been something in the water at home. After all, not only my mother, aunt and sisters are Mathematics teachers – my grandmother had also been one! Maths and languages were my favourite subjects at school and...

Mental toughness

Last week, I had a chat with some of my learners about the amazing abilities of one’s brain. For example, have you ever struggled with a Math problem or had trouble remembering something that you know you should be able to remember? And then, slap bang in die middle...
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